edseltrio3At the Age of 25 I started going bald and I had no idea what suddenly hit me as it continued to worse. I tried many things like hair grower shampoo & soap and yet nothing happened. I went to a dermatologist and was told to try this and that medication but again nothing happened. I was very much worried realizing that at the age of 27 “kalbo na pala and gitna ng ulo ko” And because I was looking then for a job abroad, I felt so uncomfortable with my hair especially during my interview. Until one day I dropped by a Chinese Drug Store and discovered Ultimate Hair Grower Tonic and this time something really happened. I bought one bottle at first and towards the second month of using it everyday I noticed new hair growth on my bald areas and now I’m happier with the results knowing also that my hair is well on its way back as I used to have it. Finally I will start working abroad after Christmas and I’m gonna bring several bottles of Ultimate to finish my treatment period there and so I can recommend also to others. Thanks a lot! I am proud of using your product!

Edsel E. Tranco, 27
OFW | Dasmarinas, Cavite

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