Q: How does your Money-Back-Guarantee work and how can I avail of it?

A: The Money-Back-Guarantee works as indicated in our advertisements and fliers. If, after using at least ten (10) Ultimate Hair Grower Tonic in the span of minimum eight months, you find it to be ineffective or Ultimate did not yield any positive result improving your hair condition, we will give you a refund of the money equivalent to the full cost of ten to twelve Ultimate Hair Grower Tonic you would have supposedly consumed.  Simply go directly to our office in Mandaluyong and surrender the ten to twelve empty Ultimate bottles together with the purchase receipts. It is required that you submit also a narrative account to tell us that the treatment was applied consistently and as directed in the Insert.  Initial purchase must be within the promo period.

1. Q – How effective is Ultimate Hair Grower Tonic?

A – Ultimate’s potency goes beyond stopping hair fall and restoring lost strands. It attacks the root cause of the problem by inhibiting, controlling and ultimately neutralizing DHT in the human body. Thus, the ultimate effect is sustainable and lasting.


2. Q – Where can I buy Ultimate and how much does it cost?

A – Ultimate is currently on a 30% Off T.A.P. (Try And Prove) Price Offer at net P1175 and P1960 for small and big bottles respectively. Available at Mercury, Watsons and selected Chinese drug stores and health shops.


3. Q – How many months do I have to use Ultimate before I can see results?

A – Results immediately take effect on the first month by way of healing the scalp of varied abnormalities like dandruff, excessive oil and damaged follicles. Visible results vary and new hair growth may start appearing from second to fourth month, depending on the scalp condition.


4. Q – Is Ultimate a shampoo or lotion? How to use it?

A – Ultimate is a topical herbal-based spray tonic. Twice a day leave-on application after shower or cleaning affected areas.


5. Q – How sure are you that my hair will grow back when I use Ultimate? How can I prove if your product is really effective?

A – We are very much sure of Ultimate’s effectiveness. Backed up by documented studies/testimonies and proven by thousands of people who tried the product, Ultimate continues to gain happy and satisfied users. But just as not all medicines work the same way for all people, we cannot tell exactly how Ultimate will work for you. It’s on how your scalp would respond, among other factors. Hence we always come up with big discount offers so that more and more people can afford to try Ultimate and prove it for themselves.


6. Q – What guarantee can you give if I try Ultimate? What if it doesn’t work for me? Do you have money-back guarantee?

A – Yes we have Money-Back-Guarantee. Ultimate assures that upon strict and consistent daily application as advised, a significant success results can be visible in four to six months, depending on the scalp’s condition.


7. Q – How many ml is Ultimate per bottle and how long does it last?

A – Ultimate has 60 ml which normally lasts for one month while the 100 ml is good more or less for seven weeks.


8. Q – Do I have to use Ultimate continuously?

A – You don’t have to use Ultimate beyond the eight to twelve month treatment period much unlike other brands that mostly require lifetime treatment. However, if your scalp is in advanced baldness condition, you will need minimal maintenance application of four to five times a week.


9. Q – Can I buy Ultimate directly from your office and with discount?

A – We don’t do retail selling. But to anyone who wishes to become a dealer, we give 20% discount for a minimum two dozen initial purchase and a maximum of 25% discount for the succeeding purchases.


10. Q – Where can I buy Vibrant Shampoo? Is it required to use Vibrant while applying Ultimate?

A – Vibrant Shampoo is best complementary with Ultimate formulation to hasten and stabilize the tonic’s effect. Thus we highly recommend it for optimum guarantee. Any ordinary branded shampoo, though, is good also for users of Ultimate. Vibrant Shampoo is currently available at all Mandarin Chinese Drug branches (Soon to be made available at Mercury and Watsons).


11. Q – Does Ultimate have side effect?

A – Basically none except for people who are taking treatment or maintenance medicine and for those with certain health conditions as indicated in the Insert Precaution and children under fifteen years of age.


12. Q -Can I use Ultimate simultaneously with another brand of hair grower shampoo?

A – No. Other hair grower shampoo may counter/negate the good effects of Ultimate due to content and formulation incompatibility. If you don’t intend to use Vibrant Shampoo, any ordinary shampoo will do.


13. Q – Can Ultimate be effective for me even if my hairloss problem is hereditary?

A – Definitely yes. Ultimate is especially formulated for men and women who are genetically afflicted with hair loss problem.


14. Q – What if I apply Ultimate only once a day or if I do it three or four times a day?

A – Twice a day application is a strict requirement. It doesn’t make any difference, though, if you use Ultimate more often than as prescribed. Profusely excessive tonic on your scalp can be simply detrimental to your pocket, if not to your hair condition.


15. Q – Do I have to go to your clinic for consultation before using Ultimate?

A – No need to consult us. All necessary information and instructions are clearly indicated in the Insert contained in the box. You are most welcome to contact us anytime during office hours for questions and inquiries.


16. Q – Is Ultimate an over the counter product or do I need prescription?

A – Yes Ultimate is an over-the-counter product and doesn’t require prescription. Go directly to pharmacy section of the drug store.


17. Q – Can a pregnant woman use Ultimate? What about a ten year old child?

A – Pregnant women must wait until they give birth before using Ultimate. While children under fifteen years of age are not allowed to use Ultimate.


18. Q – Is Ultimate also effective in growing mustache or growing hair in other parts of the body?

A – Ultimate is effective in growing mustache, even eye brows. In fact it works well in other areas of the body with hair. We caution, however, not to use Ultimate in sensitive parts like the eyes and sex organ.


19. Q – Can Ultimate treat dandruff?

A – Being multiple tonic containing several vitamins and organic ingredients good for healthy hair and scalp, Ultimate eliminates dandruff and other hair and scalp impurities. It naturally darkens hair color as well due to its henna content.


20. Q – What about a senior citizen like me, can I still use Ultimate?

A – If you are fifteen years old and above and you have thinning hair or going bald, Ultimate is for you. We know of some Ultimate users who are over eighty years old and have positive things to say about its effectiveness.


21. Q – Can I use gel or hair-dye while undergoing Ultimate treatment?

A – Unless they are herbal based, refrain from using any hair enhancement products like gel and hair dye or any salon products for hair rebonding and the likes especially while undergoing Ultimate treatment.


22. Q – If hair grower products like Ultimate are true and effective, how come bald people abound everywhere?

A – The efficacy of Ultimate as a hair grower doesn’t include the magic of reversing the condition of people who are almost totally bald although we have a couple of separate testimonies from two men using Ultimate and experienced such miracle of reversal made to effect on their scalp. Ultimate is basically for men and women who are experiencing hair loss and who care enough to restore lost strands from about forty to eighty percent.


23. Q – Why Ultimate is being touted as inexpensive in your advertisements when it costs over a thousand pesos?

A – As compared to hair clinic treatments and other hair grower brands being advertised on T.V., in print media and the internet, Ultimate is very much inexpensive. That’s why even a student or an ordinary worker can afford it. But of course Ultimate is expensive if you compare it with rubbing alcohol or hand lotion.


24. Q – Until when is your T.A.P. Promo?

A – Our 30% off T.A.P. (Try And Prove) Price Offer has been around for over two years now. And we intend to let it stay for another couple of years more.


25. Q – Do you deliver to the province since there is no Ultimate outlet here in our place?

A – Yes we deliver Ultimate to the provinces where we have no outlets through JRS or DHL. Same price as advertised but with additional charge of P300 for delivery cost. Minimum order is two bottles.


26. Q – If Ultimate cannot grow hair on dead follicles, what then is the sign of dead hair follicles?

A- The easiest way to tell if hair follicles are dead underneath your scalp is when you readily recognize any particular area of your scalp as not just being almost completely bald but smooth and shiny as well.


27. Q – Can I personally sell Ultimate since it worked for me? How much would be the discount?

A – Yes you can. We give 20% discount for a minimum initial purchase of two dozens. And a 25% dealer’s discount for the succeeding orders with minimum quantity of a dozen each purchase. On top of that and by the time Ultimate is back to its original retail price of P1680, we will retain the current 30% retail promo discount in your favor. Thus you would be entitled to “less 30%, less 25% discount” as a dealer.


28. Q – How does Ultimate differ from Minoxidil or other hair grower brands?

A – Foremost of all is Ultimate’s ability and sustainability to address the root cause of hairloss problem. Due to Ultimate’s potent herbal ingredients and advanced formulation, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body is controlled and put to its proper and balanced elevation. Yet unlike some hair grower medicines, Ultimate doesn’t inhibit and lower DHT below the normal level which may otherwise result to a reduced libido.


29. Q – Do I really need to shed some hair when I use Ultimate?

A – No. There is no shedding effect in most scalp conditions. Shedding is normal only if you have several weak hair strands in order to give way to new hair growth that would be stronger, longer and healthier. And in that case, you should be happy because it only means that the tonic is working and your scalp is responding well.


30. Q – Do you have celebrities endorsing Ultimate?

A – We have noted personalities using Ultimate. And we believe some celebrities, among others, endorse the product privately. Majority of people who undergo hairloss treatment do not want to be identified as such publicly. So we highly appreciate Ultimate users who willingly gave their photos and testimonies to be included in our album and some in our publicized advertisements, gratis et amore. Bless their hearts!