14 Simple & Practical Ways to Help Avoid Hair loss


1. Shun hair products with damaging chemicals often used in salons.
2. Don’t use hairdye unless its herbal.
3. Refrain from wearing hat. Scalp needs air.
4. Apply shampoo or conditioner every other day only.
5. Don’t use hot water on your hair when taking a bath
6. Eat healthy foods rich in nutrients that are good for hair and scalp. (see THE HAIR)
7. Exercise. Sweat scalp in the morning at least three times a week.
8. Treat dandruff. ULTIMATE is excellent in removing dandruff. You may use also Vibrant shampoo.
9. Don’t use hair brush with stiff bristles.
10. Abstain from styling gel/wax or pomade. Most brands contain ingredients detrimental to healthy scalp.
11. Don’t wait until its too costly or too late. Act at once to treat thinning hair.
12. Use ULTIMATE hair grower which contains herbal extracts that address the root of the problem called DHT.
13. Overcome stress by beginning your day with prayer devotion and Bible reading.
14. Be informed and have more knowledge about the science and care of hair. (click THE HAIR)